Is the Source Hacker System from Peter Szabo worth the time and investment?

So here’s a question, out all of the self-help and self-improvement courses that are currently available online, is the Source Hacker System from Peter Szabo worth the time and the investment?

Based on personal experience. The impressive number of testimonials and success stories posted on Peter’s website — Coupled with extensive international and social media exposure, means, the answer is very much a resounding Yes.

However, because of the nature of this course and the vast depth of knowledge and the practical tools it has to offer, the answer to this question is so much more than just a simple yes.

The Source Hacker System and Peter Szabo

To truly understand what the Source Hacker System is all about, you have to start by first understanding the man. Peter Szabo, is no newbie or fad chaser, by the age of 18, he had already created a highly successful digital marketing agency and was responsible for millions of dollars in social media advertising spend.

Today, aged just 22 Peter continues to dominate the world of social media advertising and is responsible for creating the largest Facebook advertising agency in Central and Eastern Europe, that works with numerous global brands and senior business figures, make no mistake, this is a man who means business, this is not someone who works out of his mum’s spare bedroom repackaging and reselling other peoples ideas like so many others do in this sector.

Now you know about the man, it’s time to decide if the Source Hacker System has value and is worth the investment, to help you with this, let me describe to you the principals behind the course in detail.

The Source Hacker System and what it means

In short, the Source Hacker System is a comprehensive, proven and tested 30-day implementation programme. That has been designed to turn you in a master manifestor and works by empowering you with the knowledge and tools created by Peter Szabo to help you understand what’s been going wrong and how to get a handle on your aims.

It enables you to break free from your past and to create a life you love and truly deserve. It allows you to manifest anything you want, in other words, it gives you the ability for affirming the things you want to do positively and to maintain the balance of your intentions including health, wealth, love, happiness and more, fast, and on-demand, it’s a course where you can only fail if you forget to do these things and not follow through.

Presented as an ‘all-in-one’ life-changing system for people looking to build a life they love, the course is centred on amongst other things the sound principles of the two paradigms that define today’s society — the victim paradigm and the winner paradigm.

This is a course that makes sense to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you believe in manifesting or not. It’s designed to help us to recognises our issues and forces us to stop and deal with those negative emotions that exist within us, it helps us to dissolve our insecurities and our need to constantly seek the approval and attention of others.

Put plainly, it teaches us that it takes change within to make the change, and if we want to achieve whatever it is we set out in life to achieve, we need to take full responsibility for ourselves, only we have the power to harness the transition, blaming external episodes and others only renders us incapable of moving forward.

What the Source Hacker System course looks like

The Source Hacker System is a relatively short course, that’s spread over a 6 week 30 day period, but it is intense, and you do need to be open to reprogramming your unconscious mind and letting it truly manifest. Created to maximize your results, and to help you take everything on board and embrace it at your own pace, the course is released weekly. This gives you all the time you need to learn, implement and practice the principles in-depth.

To help you further, each of the weeks is broken down into individual modules, with each module centred on a comprehensive video with work and fact sheets that are delivered by Peter. Every aspect of the course has been designed with you in mind and it lets you work at a pace that best suits you.

Week one starts with a very informative welcome video from Peter that outlines the goals of the course, which is great because it enables you to understand what you can expect from the start and how the course can change your thinking, along with this there is an insight into how to use the programme.

Further aspects covered in the first week, includes the two paradigms — shifting your identity and understanding the victim and victor mindset, how to get results and the all-important Life Map and Sheet.

Week two is all about what Peter refers to as Mental Mechanics — learning to recognise how your brain works, and it’s during the second week that Peter delves deep into explaining what he refers too as ‘Memory Flipping’ and the role it plays with the Source Hacker System.

Week three gives you more tools to optimise your life and help you develop your routines and habits, create your identity book and covers off your action items along with a summary of the week.

Week four is centred on final integration, the perfect day and week formula, power and accountability and positive reinforcement, in other words, learning how you can incorporate the best practices and principles into your day-to-day life.

Week five is about improving upon the various areas of your life by methods of elimination, explores further the 80/20 Pareto Principle and an insight into why you shouldn’t share your desires, then finally in week six this, includes understanding the Integration Technique, Memory Walkthrough, a very insightful look at the B.S. Box Technique along with the Rocking Chair Test.

Besides all of this incredibly insightful knowledge and practical tools, you also have access to various bonuses, a 2.0 Sneak Peek and the opportunity to work with Peter as part of his extremely successful Affiliate programme.

What can I take out of the course?

Like so many self-help or self-improvement courses that are available on the Internet, what you get out of it, is very much depend on what you are prepared to put in, but in the case of the Source Hacker System, if you want to succeed, there is a need for total commitment and continuous effort.

Lastly, is it worth the time and investment?

As a result of the rather large investment required for the Source Hacker System course people often refer to the Peter Szabo scam, which couldn’t be further from the truth, yes, the cost is a little on the high side but, you should think past the short term outlay and consider what you will learn from the course and the value it will offer you both in your long-term personal development and business growth.

But, if for any reason you find that it’s not working for you and you are not achieving the desired results, then the course does come with a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.

So in answer to the question is the Source Hacker System course worth the time, commitment and the expenditure, then my answer would be YES.



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